Jonk Soap Himalayan Pink Clay and Lavender


JONK soap is handcrafted in small batches through a combination of creativity, passion and love, using the traditional cold process method, keeping the most delicate ingredients at a low temperature to guarantee their therapeutic properties.

Each soap promotes the minimization of the Earth’s carbon footprint by using natural & sustainably sourced ingredients with zero plastic packaging.

This velvety creme bar embodies the rich aromas of Lavender combined with the natural earthy goodness of clay.  With zero colorants, this light pink soap bar is made using the traditional cold process method. The go-to for all JONK recipes.

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Jonk soap bars contain only natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial colourants – Every bar is carefully handcrafted using handpicked oils for quality products, Our bars are scented using 100% essential oils.

Our soap bars may sometimes differ in colour and their scent might fade after a while – But this is what natural means. this is what makes our soap, Jonk.

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Bloom – Rose Petals and Geranium, Himalayan – Pink Clay and Lavender