Sunbird Superior Rooibos Tea


Sunbird Rooibos produces a range of premium, single-origin, organic Rooibos tea.

These popular teas represent the suppliers’ unique growing conditions—also known as terroir—without blending or adding flavourings, just pure Rooibos.

Pure Rooibos – This Rooibos tea is a premium quality blend of two teas from different farms. Both farmers work with nature and grow their Rooibos without any artificial pesticides or fertilizers.

For best results, boil vigorously on a stove top kettle for 2-4 minutes. Alternatively, steep in a cup of freshly boiled water for 6-8 minutes.

Sunbird Rooibos tea is Halaal certified with SANHA, South African National Halaal Authority.
Vegan friendly

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